Train your mind to focus on the right thing and you'll make each day more productive and more positive ...

Controlling Your State Of Mind Through Focus by Mike Brescia

Control Your State of Mind through Focus ... The most organized person will achieve the most, do it faster with the least amount of effort AND have the most free time...

I probably get more questions about the plain desire to be happy than anything else. Most people, I've discovered, are generally miserable.

And yes, it's horrible, but also avoidable.

I know... I was one of the biggest perpetrators of stinkin' thinkin' you've ever met. But that simple, yet profound, shift, when it comes over you - actually when you make it your objective to change it - just puts a different shading on how you see nearly every hour of your life...

Now, I'm NOT an advocate of ignoring huge challenges raining down on you like hail. Look 'em straight on, and be honest with yourself. Everything you experience has a value to you, whether you believe it or not.

'Problems' are always opportunities. They can make you stronger.

But if you don't train your brain to view them as opportunities, then they make you weaker. And if you're not careful, you can drop down to a level where everything makes you frightened and nervous.

Take heart. Your competitors/opponents rarely make it through all their own problems. So you are blessed every day with many chances to get further ahead. Now, if you don't think you compete on a daily basis, you're wrong...

You do compete. You have forces that are in your daily environment that have the potential to ruin your moods in three seconds flat. The daily news, other people... If you're an established debater, life's a constant battle waiting to happen.

Keep in mind, your moods are primarily the result of what you focus on.

That was profound, so you may want to copy that and paste it into a word processing program, blow it up and tape it to your wall where you can see it easily all day. Just keeping an empowering belief like that in front of you as often as possible, will ensure that your moods will more often than ever before be enthusiastic, optimistic, hopeful.

Here's an example how state of mind can create super-performance on a regular basis.

When I was in commission sales, in my car on the way to appointments I would chant out loud, 'I now command my subconscious mind to give me the strength, the humour, the brevity, the love, the persuasiveness... whatever it takes to get (name) to like me and to see the value of my product and to invest in it today!' I did this for up to 15 minutes straight... before every call... for years.

And I closed around 95% of my appointments. Ask any salesperson you know or meet if it's possible to close 95% of their calls.

They'll say it's impossible.

In my industry, it was impossible too, but I did it. Why? Because when I walked in the door every fibre of my being was focused on helping the other person solve their problem.

I forgot completely about me and my wants. It was only about them now.

No other thoughts entered my mind. I would not allow their initial doubts or fears to deter my focus. And when you're in front of someone who seems to be completely tuned into what you need and want, you almost instantly like them...

And we buy from people we like.

That practice helped me become the top sales executive in the world in that industry.

Big lesson coming up...

Put that same kind of focus on looking for things to lighten your mental load, to make you smile, to help you appreciate the little things that other people do (not just for you), in doing every task better, faster, easier.

If you do, you'll feel awesome every day. I promise.

It's impossible to fail at this if you just pay attention to what you're paying attention to.

Keep today's empowering question in your mind all day. You'll get answers. And you'll feel cleansed. Lighter. Loved.


Mike Brescia

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The most organized person will achieve the most, do it faster with the least amount of effort AND have the most free time... Learn NOW how simple and easy it is to be that one in a thousand. (A*)