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The basis of the Worldwide phenomenon of 'The Secret', 'which was actually based on Charles F. Haanel's The Master Key System, and focuses heavily on Haanel's Law of Attraction.

The Master Key System and the 'Law of Attraction' by Charles F. Haanel Master Key System ... Acting to improve on what you discover could very well help boost your sales immediately.

Charles F. Haanel (1866-1949) was an leading American businessman who, having built one of the largest companies in the world at that time, authored several books sharing his life and business success philosophy and techniques.

His first work "The Master Key System" was written sometime between 1909 and 1912 and was produced as a 24 part course delivered to select and wealth readers over 24 weeks.

He mentored the leading business people, and his course supposedly sold for US$1500! (At the time that was equal to over 2 years average working person's wage).

The story goes that the business people who followed his course became extremely wealthy and demanded Haanel not to release his course to the general public, in case they also profit from it's powerful secrets.

It took some time, but eventually Haanel released his course in the form of a book which was published in 1919.

The book, "The Master Key System", reportedly sold over 200,000 copies before supposedly being banned by church authorities in 1933. When you download and read read the book for yourself, you'll discover why the Church was fearful. Haanel challenged some fundamental beliefs which the Church at that time claimed a monopoly on ...

And then ... well, the book seems to have disappeared ... till several years ago when some of the handful of copies came to light.

At that point the book seems to have disappeared from records, although a handful of the 200,000 original copies are probably still in existence.

Now to the present ...

You might very well have bombarded with information from various sources about "The Secret". "The Secret" is a movie that premiered worldwide on March 26, 2006, and is promoted as sharing secrets of success, happiness and wealth, that have been passed down through millennia and hidden from the general public.

Well if you didn't know before, this 'secret' is actually based on Charles F. Haanel's The Master Key System, and focuses heavily on Haanel's Law of Attraction.

This is no 'get rich quick' formula!

When Haanel first released the 'Master Key System', it was as a 24 part course, with each part having a test to show that the user was truly understanding and able to use the teaching.

The same is true today! You want better outcomes, better 'luck' ... you have to work at it. If you keep doing the same things, the same results will keep repeating themselves.

I highly recommend the Master Key System. It may be challenging to get through. The language is nearly 100 years out of date. The concepts may seem new and 'different'. But so many of today's self-help, positive thinking works are based on this philosophy, that you will be doing yourself a great disservice by not enjoying the time reading and practicing Haanel's lessons ...

Over to you!

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